Effective Mind Sculpting For Life Coaching

The key to using mind sculpting effectively for life coaching is to make the visualization as complete and real as possible. Include all of the sensory factors: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. In the example of confronting your boss, you need to picture yourself in your boss’ office. See as … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Technique – Mind Sculpting Visualization

Using Mind Sculpting Visualization For Life Coaching In a previous article, I mentioned that visualization is a powerful life coaching technique. In this article, we'll explore a specific form of visualization called mind sculpting that a life coach can use to help clients use mental rehearsal to … [Read more...]

Life Coaching & Visualization

Sports psychology is a growing field that has gained incredible momentum over the past several decades for a very simple reason: it works! Life coaching and life coaches have incorporated many of the most successful and effective techniques to help clients achieve their goals. Coaches, … [Read more...]