Beginners Guide To Running for Weight Loss & Fitness

Guest Post by Marguerite Boyer If you have reached this article, it is clear that you are thinking to follow a running regimen for weight loss and fitness but not sure about how to adopt it. Well, you are not the only one to feel so, as there are many more folks who want to start running but are … [Read more...]

7 Golden Rules For Fitness

Guest post from Kate. Fitness to last forever: Golden rules to follow Research points out that fit people, following healthy fitness programs, have a better life-span. However, in this fast moving era, we get less time to spend on our fitness. This laziness sometimes results in serious health … [Read more...]

15 Health & Fitness Myths

Guest post by John Fike An important aspect of effective life coaching is helping clients separate fact from fiction. Here are 15 all too common health & fitness myths that affect your health, could cause injury or may even kill you. 1. You can’t exercise too much Actually, it’s called … [Read more...]