Top 4 Gadgets To Help You Lose Weight

This is a guest post by Kate Wilson

Throughout history, men and women have had a fair struggle getting unwanted weight off and keeping it off. The last couple of decades with their rapid advances in science and technology has changed all of that. Losing weight has never been easier or this much fun any time in the past. Today, there are hundreds of tested and tried weight loss programs to choose from, and a host of applications and gadgets to help you achieve your goal.

Here is a list of four top gadgets that can help you lose weight quickly.

1. The blender

This tops the list just because it has been around for so long. This kitchen staple can turn into the most important gadget for your weight loss regimen. A healthy approach to weight loss demands that you replace the foods that tend to make you put on weight with foods that do not. Blenders can help you make healthy, low fat, fruit-based smoothies in a minute or two. Additionally, using the blender as a key component of your weight loss program will ensure that you are packing in more of water-rich food preparations, like juices, smoothies, and of course, tasty and nutritious soups.

2. The sports watch

Modern sports watches are packed with features that make it a delight for those trying to lose weight. The pedometer feature lets you keep track of how much you walk. Walking is one of the most efficient exercises for weight loss. By knowing how much you are, walking you can calculate how many calories you are burning and adjust your exercise schedule. Heart rate is another important parameter that you want to keep a check on while exercising. Consult your physician and determine what is the peak heart rate that your physical condition will permit you to reach. Once you know that, you can set the lower and upper heart rate limits on your watch, and it will tell you when you cross these limits. You can also use this feature to keep track of how much time you are exercising at your peak heart rate.

3. The iPad

With thousands of new fitness apps in the marketplace, there is no dearth of ways that you can use the iPad to lose weight. Most weight loss programs now come with both an online program and an iPad app. While most ad-free apps cost between $4 and $7, you can also download free versions to track everything from your goal weight, your daily calorific intake, your exercise, and calorie burning, and even make menus and meal plans based on your daily calorie budget. You will also want to stay up to date with newer iPad apps as they come out since there are hundreds of new apps hitting the App stores every single day. While not all of them are great, some might actually answer all the questions you ever had.

4. The Wii-Fit

The Wii-Fit is a Nintendo video game that can be played using the Wii Balance Board. This is a platform that looks a little like a bathroom scale on which you stand and play the game using the Wii-Fit gaming console. You can register yourself as a user, with your age and weight and gender, and the application will keep track of your health progress. Though many of the activities are focused on the center of balance, the Wii also contains a lot of aerobics, strength training, and endurance games with which you can lose weight quickly while playing video games.

Thanks to the advances of modern technology, tasks that were once tedious can now be accomplished easily and without going through the grind. Use these gadgets along with your weight loss program to speed up your journey to a leaner, prettier and healthier you.

About the author: Kate is a blogger by profession. She is fond writing on health and technology. Beside this, she is fond of gadgets. These days she is busy in writing an article on kids health for her blog DIY Health.



  1. The Wii Fit is an excellent way to lose weight at home. I used it after my second child and it helped me start out slow and increase in intensity as I could and needed to. I lost thirty pounds from diet and using the Wii. 🙂

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