My Top 7 Takeaways from the SuccessNet Summit

I just returned from a fun trip to Orlando where I spent a few days at the SuccessNet Summit hosted by my friends Michael and Dawn Angier (learn more at I met some amazing people, learned from incredible speakers and had a wonderful time. It was a super valuable and energizing experience.

Here are my top 7 takeaways from the Summit:

1) Attend Live Events

I said it before and I’ll say it again.

Attending live events is one of the BEST ways to network, connect with amazing people, build relationships AND learn from inspiring speakers. People that are willing to invest the time and money to attend live events like this are usually worth getting to know.

Plus, live events are where the seeds of lucrative partnerships are often planted.

2) When things are not working out, trying harder may not be the answer

John Kanary shared an amusing story about a fly that kept banging against a window in his house over and over again.

The fly could see what it wanted (being outside), but no matter how hard it tried, it simply could not get past the window.

But just across the room, the screen door was wide open. The fly could have easily gotten what it wanted (go outside) if it had just noticed and tried a different approach.

When things are not working out the way you wanted, consider that the answer may be in changing your approach and looking for a different way to get to where you want to go.

3) Significance

Both John Kanary & Debbie LaChusa talked about the importance of significance (making a difference and a contribution) and how it’s more meaningful and longer lasting than other forms of success. They shared that Daren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine, has even considered changing the name of the magazine to Significance, because he believes that ultimately this is what really matters.

4) Happiness leads to success & money

Most people assume that success and money lead to happiness. After reviewing hundreds of studies, professor Sonja Lyubomirsky concluded that happy people are in general more successful personally and professionally. The twist is that in many cases, it is the happiness that came first.

When people feel happy, they are in a better mood and tend to work harder toward achieving their goals. They also tend to feel more confident, optimistic, and energetic and others find them more likable and sociable. All of which contribute to them getting more money and success.

5) Small daily actions executed consistently can lead to extraordinary resultsShane Fielder shared some very practical strategies to apply the power of consistency in achieving your goals. One of the best ways to develop this consistency is to measure and track a few key metrics (Shane calls them Fundamental Success Indicators). What gets measured gets done.

6) Use SODA

Michael Angier shared a powerful acronym to help you get things done: SODA. Simplify, Organize, Delegate & Automate. If you can do just one of those each day, you’ll quickly become much more productive.

7) Money loves speed

Vic Johnson shared a key insight that Napoleon Hill discovered after interviewing hundreds of the most successful people in the world. Successful people make decisions quickly and change them slowly. They wait until they have just enough information to decide (not all the information) and take action quickly when they spot an opportunity.

Unsuccessful people make decisions slowly, change their minds quickly and rarely take action when they spot opportunities (if they even notice them at all).

Your playing small doesn’t serve the world, so when you spot a good opportunity, make up your mind and decide what you are going to do about it.

If you want to get even more great insights about success in business and life, I encourage you to check out Michael’s SuccessNet website: