Managing Your Life

Most of us don’t think about the concept of “Managing Our Life”.

While we may make some conscious, thoughtful decisions about some of the major events in our life; we tend to go through life on auto-pilot, in a reactive rather than a proactive mode of operation.

We have many relationships in our life that require time and attention-spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, kids, brothers/sisters, parents, friends, bosses, co-workers, in-laws (and outlaws), clients and the numerous social networks related to all of these people in our relationships.

How about project deadlines, mortgages, car payments, college tuition, kid’s sports/activities, holidays, birthday parties, pets, and more?   

We are constantly being bombarded with information and people clamoring for our attention.  How many more new gadgets do we need to make sure we receive the most up-to-date information in the fastest possible time frame?  Nobody wants to miss out on the latest, greatest whatever/whoever trend.  Is it any wonder we are constantly in a reactive mode, just trying to keep one step ahead in the proverbial “rat race”.  Many times our only goal is trying not to be completely stressed out all of the time.

So how can we gain control and start to be proactive in order to successfully manage our life?

The place to start is to develop an awareness of who you are including: what is most important to you, your beliefs, your fears, your talents and strengths, and any other factors which contribute to your personal identity.

Take your time with this first step because it usually takes some serious and deep introspection to develop a completely accurate awareness of yourself.  Once you complete this first step which is critical in establishing a solid base towards successfully managing your life, you can proceed to the next step of identifying the goal you would like to achieve.

The goal you identify can be in any area of your life: building your self-confidence, improving your relationships, losing weight, managing your career, becoming a better parent, or controlling your spending.

You know what area of your life means the most to you right now and what you would like to do better.  Goals should be attainable, support your value system, be easily understood, and expansive enough to stretch you.

Write out your goal and be as specific as possible. Numerous studies have documented how you can increase your productivity by 50% simply by writing down your goals.  Goals should be results-oriented; they should describe the outcome, not the process.  Goals should be specific, measurable, and challenging, but still attainable.  Goals should be realistic and should tell what, when, and how much is required to accomplish them.  Goals need to focus on positive outcomes not negative restrictions.

Once you identify your goal, you can then develop specific action plans which will lead to the achievement of your goal. In order to accomplish your goal, you need to first make a commitment to action and then specifically establish action plans relative to your goal.

Some people relate action plans to preparing for a trip – you know your final destination but you need a map or plan to help you reach your destination or goal.  Action plans define specific activities which must be accomplished for you to achieve your goals. Developing action plans makes it easier to focus and persist by breaking the overall goal down into smaller, more manageable objectives.  Once you find out how successful you can be with your action plans and goals, you can take on bigger and bigger goals as your confidence grows.

These three steps: Personal Awareness, Identifying and Establishing Goals, and Developing Action Plans will definitely get you on the right track to being proactive and successfully managing your life.  Don’t stop with one or two successful achievements; keep on stretching to build upon your accomplishments to eventually successfully manage all important aspects of your life.


About Rick Lane

Rick Lane has over 30 years of corporate Human Resources Leadership/Management experience, including 8 years as the Vice-President of Human Resources. In addition to providing personal coaching services, like career management, at Champions of Powerful Living, Rick also provides customized Human Resources Executive Consulting/Coaching Programs for corporations at Career Management Resources. He has successfully coached and consulted with hundreds of individuals at every level on a variety of professional and personal issues.


  1. Great article. Very timely in these times of upheaval Mr. Lane has set out the steps to the restoration of order.

  2. Hi Norma,

    Thank you for your kind comment.

  3. Zandile Mndawe says:

    Thank you Mr. Lane, I’m actually going through a rough patch, but this article has given me hope and strength to carry on. Thak you.

  4. Excellent article. In today’s fast paced troubled world it’s easy to lose
    track of what is important. It is equally important to step back and
    decide what is important and the relationships and goals that will
    make your life better. Only you can make your life better.