Life Coaching & Visualization

Sports psychology is a growing field that has gained incredible momentum over the past several decades for a very simple reason: it works!

Life coaching and life coaches have incorporated many of the most successful and effective techniques to help clients achieve their goals.

Coaches, athletes, and sports organizations all over the world now realize that sports psychology can make the difference between winning the Gold and being out of contention. A wide range of studies show that the techniques of sports psychology produce real, tangible results for athletes.

In this article, we’re going to focus on a life coaching technique called visualization that is very applicable to your everyday life. We’ll cover other life coaching techniques in future articles.

Your imagination has an incredible ability to shape the future, from how you perform at a task or skill to whether you achieve your goals and dreams.

Most people aren’t aware of how much their mind and imagination play a role in their success, so they go around worrying, fearing and expecting the worst. And, usually, that’s what happens to them.

One of the easiest ways to harness the power of your imagination for life coaching is to use visualization techniques. With visualization, you deliberately create an image in your mind of how you want things to go.

There are basically two forms of visualization. The first is mind sculpting, which is a way of improving how you perform in a certain circumstance, such as making a sales call, performing in an athletic event or performing on stage.

The second is visualizing for the future, in which you imagine the future that you want for yourself and make it become so alive in your mind that it begins to positively influence your thoughts, choices, behaviors, and actions until you start experiencing the results you imagined.

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