Life Coaching Technique – Visualize The Future

One of the powerful things that you’ll learn from life coaching is that you could easily be creating the negative circumstances and outcomes in your life simply by imagining how bad things could get!

How often do you think about how things could go wrong or imagine the worse case scenario?

How much time do you spend worrying or fretting?

Do you have trouble imagining what life would be like if you were successful or attained all your goals?

Do you fear making mistakes and worry about how you look or sound to others?

All of these things are mental activities that ensure your future will be something other than what you want it to be. Through life coaching, your life coach can help you change your thinking patterns and shift your focus from what you don’t want to what you DO want.

That’s one of the most powerful benefits that clients get from working with a life coach.

Life Coaching Helps You Visualize What You Want

The things you think about and spend time imagining are the things most likely to come to pass in your life because your mind sets loose its creative power to help make the things of your imagination become reality. Your expectations affect the results you experience.

Fortunately, this awesome power also works to help us achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams. The problem is that we spend most of our time thinking about the negatives of life. By taking purposeful control of our imagination and dedicating our thoughts to the things we desire, we can shape the future to yield the things we want out of life.

While mind sculpting trains your mind and body to perform skills or react properly to circumstances in the present or near future, future visualization sets the stage for achieving long-term goals and dreams.

As with mind sculpting, you visualize the circumstances you want to bring about with as much detail and sensory input as possible. But rather than visualize a particular action or reaction, you are visualizing an outcome that reflects the kind of success you want to have.

If you want to be wealthy, you visualize what kind of house and car you can have, how you spend your time and who you spend it with; you visualize paying all your bills without a problem and banks asking you to take out loans instead of the other way around.

You visualize the kind of career that brings about this financial success and visualize how you feel about it all. Add more and more details until it becomes so real that you can’t wait to get moving toward it.

When you visualize in this way, you are sending clear signals to your mind to help you notice and seize the opportunities and circumstances necessary to bring your visualization into reality.

Why Future Visualization Works

There are psychological explanations for why visualization helps you achieve the outcomes you desire.

Visualization activates a part of your brain called the Reticular Activation System (RAS) that helps you filter all the information and stimuli that you are exposed to every day. The RAS helps you pay attention to things, events, and situations that are important and relevant to you. Visualization stimulates your RAS to help you notice and seize opportunities that will bring you closer to your goals.

Visualization increases your motivation by making your desired outcome seem possible and achievable. Through repetition, your desired outcome becomes more and more tangible and believable, which inspires you to take the actions that are necessary to realize it.

When you combine future visualization of your desired outcome with mind sculpting of the actions you need to take to get there, you get a boost of self-confidence and motivation that helps you take action, overcome obstacles, and persist until you get what you want.

Essential Components for Effective Visualization

In order to experience success with any visualization during life coaching, whether you are mind sculpting or visualizing your future, there are three components needed besides your imagination.

Belief – First, you must believe that you are capable of achieving whatever it is you are trying to visualize. Many times the process of visualizing will help you believe in yourself, because you will see yourself in the process of doing it and that will reinforce your confidence.

Attention & Action – Second, you must be purposeful in responding to your visualization; you must notice and then act on the opportunities and circumstances that your visualizations bring about. If you don’t follow through and just sit on your sofa, your visualizations will be unproductive.

Persistence – Lastly, you need persistence. Remember that mind sculpting is a form of practice. You can’t practice baseball for a day and expect to win the World Series tomorrow. You practice physically and you practice mentally for the future. Nor will visualization necessarily make your dreams come true overnight. You need to visualize your future frequently and establish a pattern of thought and action that reinforces your visualization.