Life Coaching Technique – Mind Sculpting Visualization

Using Mind Sculpting Visualization For Life Coaching

In a previous article, I mentioned that visualization is a powerful life coaching technique. In this article, we’ll explore a specific form of visualization called mind sculpting that a life coach can use to help clients use mental rehearsal to improve their performance.

Mind sculpting is a way of mentally rehearsing how you act, speak and feel in a situation. It’s a powerful form of practice that helps you improve your performance. In fact, the improvement can be comparable to actual physical practice.

The advantage is that mental practice through visualization is often quicker, simpler, easier, and more convenient than the corresponding physical behavior, which allows you to do it more frequently and regularly.

Another powerful advantage of mental practice through visualization is that it allows you to practice behaviors that may be too frightening, intense, infrequent, or impractical to do physically.

For example, let’s say you have conflict problems with your supervisor or boss at work and conversations with him/her usually end in you blowing your top.

You can use mind sculpting to practice your emotional, verbal and physical reactions to what your boss has to say so that you won’t blow your top and, instead, can respond intelligently and responsibly. You could try to practice doing this in person, but the situations may be too infrequent or intense to allow you to make meaningful progress.

Perhaps your boss has a habit of telling you how lazy he thinks you are, so you practice in your mind that the next time you hear him say the word ‘lazy’ you’re not going to get tense and angry, but instead become relaxed and patient and not allow it to bother you.

Athletes use mind sculpting to train their bodies to perform their event or sport correctly by visualizing themselves performing exactly as necessary. The visualizations in mind sculpting are so complete that the central nervous system responds as though the athlete is physically practicing the movement or technique he is training for.

Then, during the competitive event, the nervous system is already patterned to respond correctly and directs the body to do so.

Psychologists have found that when athletes visualize, the brain cannot tell the difference between reality and the imagined scenes playing out in their minds. That’s why mind sculpting works… it actually creates new pathways in your brain just like physical practice would do. That’s also why the technique is so powerful for life coaching as well.

Salespeople use mind sculpting to program themselves to have an upbeat attitude during their presentation and correctly respond to their prospects questions and objections. They visualize themselves going through the presentation, they visualize themselves giving proper response to prospects, and they visualize themselves closing the sale.

They go through the visualization process just before each presentation and several times throughout each day.

Visualization can also help people dealing with phobias or recovering addicts practice a successful response to the stimuli that trigger their fear or cravings without having to physically put themselves in those situations.

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