Frugal and Healthy Lifestyle – How to Shed Weight on a Tight Budget

This is a guest post by Kate Wilsson

A healthy lifestyle living on tight budget often is not a priority. Foodstuffs having poor nutritional value are cheaper while membership in an expensive gym is not feasible. Yet this however does not mean that shedding the extra kilos on tight budget is not possible. One can also lose weight keeping their budget in mind. Losing weight for many people are a goal which they try to tackle yet the process at times can be costly since a couple of diet foods are difficult to come by otherwise expensive. But one can plan a diet without burning a hole in their pocket in several ways.

1. Healthy Eating: the first and foremost step is to eat healthy. Vegetables and fruits are both essential parts of weight loss. But fresh fruits are likely to be expensive. But thankfully frozen products are available in half the price and they are healthier compared to fresh fruits and vegetables as they are frozen soon after being harvested.

2. Water: Water is a primary component of one’s diet and the most economical drink available. Nutritionists have recommended that one must drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. One can fill a bottle of tap water and refrigerate it for few hours and enjoy it chilled.

3. Walk more: Walking is the best exercise to shed weight. One should initially start walking for 10 minutes and then gradually extend it to an hour.

4. Grains: Grains constitute an essential part of one’s diet yet few carbohydrates grains are high in sugar and calories. One can head for healthier low cost alternatives and avoid white rice, pastas and white breads. One can have a bowl of oats which is a low calorie healthy breakfast and is available at a low budget. A cheap alternative for pasts and white rice is dry quinoa. Brown rice is equally cheap as that of white rice but is friendlier on one’s waistline.

5. Meatless meals: one should consume more of meatless meals as they are both healthy as well as affordable. For all those who love meat and cannot miss its flavor can prepare meatless meat by using Portobello mushroom. This will give the meat’s flavor without hefty price tag.

6. Increase intake of beans: beans are the most cost-effective, nutritious and low-fat way of including additional fiber and protein to one’s meal. Both fiber and protein will help one feel fuller longer thereby preventing them from overeating. One can include beans as one’s main ingredient else add it to foods one already enjoys.

7. Exercise: get started with exercise equipment. One can avoid latest exercise equipment and instead try their hands on free exercise equipment available in one’s own home. Fill a gallon with water and use it as dumbbells. Many areas also have free walking trails and free gyms. Internet is the best tool to find out strategies and tips for losing weight on tight budget. One can also find tools which make it easier for losing weight such as weight charts, food diaries, BMI calculators as well as weight-loss calculations.

One desires to have trimmer body yet not slimmer wallet. If one is not careful, juicy fruits, lean meats and fresh salads can costs much more than having economy-size bowl of cheese and macaroni or value meal in McDonald’s. A careful planning as well as shopping can help one shed their extra kilos on shoestring budget.

About the author: Kate Wilsson is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she loves doing gardening in her free time. She recently bought a book on Sofa Design. These days she is busy in writing an article on style and fashion trends.


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