Consumer’s Guide From Financial & Money Coach

I recently met and spoke with Todd Tresidder, a money coach and financial mentor, who sent me a review copy of his ebook, “Smart Consumer’s Guide To Money Coaching and Financial Education.”

Todd brings a unique perspective to this book, having worked both as a hedge fund investment manager and a financial educator for 30 years.

Now he coaches and mentors people on how to build wealth and how to avoid all the financial rip-offs and scams out there.

In this valuable ebook, Todd shares how smart consumers like you can develop the financial intelligence to build wealth, giving practical ideas, advice and suggestions in a friendly and easy to understand way ( the ebook is free, but you do have to opt-in at his web site to get it ).

My favorite chapters are “15 reasons why you should grow your financial intelligence” and “7 Tips For Getting The Most Of Your Coaching.” Todd has packed a LOT of valuable content into this book, so if you are pressed for time, I would recommend you look at those chapters first.

Through his ebooks, programs and his entire Financial Mentor website, Todd provides tons of helpful tips, advice and education to improve your financial life, so I definitely encourage you to check out this valuable resource and sign up for Todd’s newsletter. You can get your free copy of Todd’s ebook here.


  1. Hhhmmm….Sounds like a good resource for clients dealing with money issues. Thank you. Just stumbled upon your blog – thanks for the great info. 🙂