Change Your Job Without Changing Jobs

Are you tired of your job?  Has it become dull and boring?  Do you hate the tasks and responsibilities it includes?  Has the challenge gone out of it?  These are some of the most common feelings that might prompt life coaching clients to think about changing jobs, but before you do that take the time to read this article.  By the time you get to the end, you just might have an idea or two of how you can change your job for the better without actually having to change jobs.

Your attitude determines your altitude

Okay, that is a really tired old cliché, but it is absolutely true.  If your job has become dull, boring, or unpleasant, perhaps the problem lies within your attitude rather than the job itself.  Often all you need to do is take a close look at your approach and attitude to find ways of improving them both.

Here’s a classic example that illustrates this concept very well:

Three construction workers are working on a building when a young man walks by and asks what they are doing.  The first worker says he is laying bricks.  The second worker says he is making a wall.  The third worker says he is building a great Cathedral that will bring joy to thousands for many years to come.

See what a difference a little thing called attitude can make?

Ten tips to improve your attitude and change your job

There are a great number of ways that you can change your attitude and your approach, so there is no way to list them all here.  Instead, here are ten life coaching ideas that many people have found work very well.

#1 – Find more value or meaning in your work

Every job has some meaning or value, otherwise it would not exist in the first place.  For instance, you may spend your day making widgets but those widgets are used in the engines of large airplanes.  Your work has meaning because it helps people travel safely.

#2 – Expand your view of the job

Don’t look at your job as just a list of certain tasks and responsibilities.  Instead, look at how your job fits into the bigger picture of the company around you.  How does what you do affect the success of the organization, even if in a very small way?

#3 – Challenge yourself to do more

Spice things up a bit by challenging yourself to do more of something.  Write more thank you notes to clients, make more sales calls, build more products each hour, improve the quality of each service you provide, etc.

#4 – Make a difference

Find a way to make a difference in your job.  Maybe you choose to focus on mentoring younger workers on their career paths, or perhaps you set up a contest where employees contribute a penny for each item produced in a week with the proceeds going to a local charity or non-profit organization.

#5 – Expand your learning and skills

Any job can get boring if you continue to perform it with the skills and techniques you learned way back at the beginning.  Update your skills with a continuing education course or explore new technologies that can affect your work.

#6 – Take pride in personal excellence

Don’t rely on someone else to provide you with all of the positive support and recognition you need.  Take pride in yourself and perform at the highest levels of excellence as a matter of personal pride and conscience.

#7 – Improve the work environment for everyone

Sometimes the best way to improve your work environment is to find ways to improve it for everyone.  Bring a small bunch of spring flowers to brighten up the break room, or pick up trash on the walkway as you enter the building.

#8 – Do one positive thing for someone else every day

Re-stock the copier paper so your administrative assistant does not have to do it, or bring in an article on a topic that is of interest to a co-worker.  Even an anonymous smiley face drawn on the white board in someone’s office can have a big impact.

#9 – Volunteer and share your skills with someone else

As bored as you may be with your job, there are other people out there who would love to learn the same skills that you possess.  Volunteer at the local community center, school, or other service agency so that you can share with someone else.

#10 – Find the service value in your work

Some jobs, by their very nature, seem to have little service value to others.  Perhaps you are a painter in an industrial complex where it seems that all you do is paint the same pipes repeatedly.  The service value in your job is that piping does not corrode or degrade because it has a good coat of paint, which in turn helps to keep the plant up and running.


  1. Just a little FYI….make sure you read and reread and edit your material before putting it out in public.

    “If you job has become dull, boring…” I think you meant “your”….thanks

    • Rodger Constandse says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Typos happen… even if you read and reread and edit the material before putting it out in public.

      Perfectionism is not worth it because you quickly get to a point of diminishing returns if you try to eliminate 100% of typos. Especially when you can count on eagle-eyed perfectionists like you to find them and point them out 🙂

    • L. Dumoulin says:

      FYI Nancy, this is the kind of unnecessary comment that can rub people of their creativity…I know that from experience. Perhaps you may want to check your .

      L 🙂

  2. Tiago Silva says:


    i think the motivation is essencial to do whatever you what. To get this motivation, for me, you need a target: or you earn well and you want to get i new promotion or you simply want to be promoted because money, normally, is everthing!

  3. For me, choosing the job you like is the most important thing to do. If you love your job and your enjoying doing it, there is no reason for you to feel dull or feel bored on what you are doing.