7 More Reasons To Laugh Everyday

In the last article, I talked about the benefits of laughter for health and stress relief, both of which are valuable aspects of life coaching… so with that in mind, here are 7 more reasons to laugh everyday.

11. Increasing your happiness – You can train your body to be faster or stronger, or to have more endurance, why not train yourself to be happier? Adding laughter and having an optimistic outlook are the “exercises” that train you to be happier.

12. Boosting your self esteem – Stressful situations and experiences in life are much easier to cope with when you can laugh at them. It isn’t just the physical changes of laughter, like releasing positive endorphins or relaxing your muscles; laughing changes your perspective and way of thinking about it.

If you can laugh at a problem or challenge, you can more easily put in in perspective and find creative ways to overcome it.

13. Increasing your emotional intelligence – Humor researcher Dr. Paul E. McGhee says that humor is a very powerful tool in managing the following all too common conditions: anger, anxiety and non-clinical depression. It’s a great way to replace negative emotions with positive ones, which is one of the most advanced competencies of emotional intelligence.

14. Gives you a sense of control – When something angers you or stresses you out, it’s normal to feel like a victim. But when you can laugh at it, you gain perspective and gain a sense of control over it.

15. Better teamwork – When used properly and with respect, humor can enhance team dynamics and improve teamwork, whether it’s a business team, an athletic team or any other kind of team. Humor breaks the ice, creates motivation and emotional bonding, and enhances communication, all of which create a more productive team whose members are more loyal to one another.

16. Improves communication skills – Laughter and humor enhance communication by breaking down barriers, such as status or rank, and making awkward moments more comfortable. Humor also softens the tone of communications that could otherwise be too serious.

17. Increasing your creativity – Humor gives you a new perspective on the problem you are working on and relieves some of the pressure of focusing so intensely on it. Since many people find it easier to think creatively when they are relaxed and natural, humor or laughter can enhance the creative process.