5 More Life Coaching Tips To Stop Worry

Yesterday, I shared five simple strategies to stop worry. Here are 5 more life coaching tips to help you end unhealthy worry.

6. Take action

Taking action is the best tool against worry because it shifts your focus away from worrisome thoughts toward positive and purposeful thoughts that are fully within your control.

There are two types of actions you can take to ensure that the worst-case scenario doesn’t happen: prevention and mitigation. You can even take these actions against worries that are completely out of your control.

Prevention actions reduce the likelihood of the worst-case scenario by improving your preparation and by identifying and reducing risk factors.

Mitigation actions reduce the severity of the worst-case if it does happen by improving your ability to respond and by having a backup plan.

Very often, being able to take action leaves you feeling empowered, lessening your worry. Even though you may not be able to fix everything, you have controlled the potential situation to the best of your ability. Then you must realize that you can’t control the rest, and you must be able to let that part go.

Let’s look at a natural disaster scenario. If you live on the coast and your home is in need of major repairs, worrying about a natural disaster may be a valid concern. You can’t control when and if a disaster strikes, but you can control how prepared you are to deal with it. So, instead of losing hours worrying about it, spend some time preparing your home and your family to take the effects of a potential disaster as best it can.

7. Talk to yourself about accepting things as they are

Positive affirmations that you have done everything you can do, and reminders that some things are out of your control, can help ease your mind when worries blindside you.

8. Practice stress relief techniques

Breathe deeply to slow your heart rate and calm your nerves. Take a walk. Meditate or do a few minutes of yoga. Focusing on reducing the stress you feel at the moment can help get those worries out of your mind.

9. Remember the serenity prayer

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

10. Get help if you need it

There are people who, regardless of what steps they take on their own, cannot seem to let go of needless worry.

If you find yourself feeling completely out of control with worry, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder, and you may need counseling and medication to overcome your worries. If that is the case, your doctor can recommend treatment plans that can reduce the emotional anguish that anxiety disorders can cause.


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