Personal Life Coaching

Personal life coaching typically focuses on the client’s personal life in areas like health, wellness, relationships, finances, personal development/growth and developing greater work/life balance. It can also include some more advanced areas like life purpose, legacy and spirituality.

Personal Life Coaching Process

The personal life coaching process typically begins with understanding the clients needs and wants, helping them get clear about what they are struggling with, what’s holding them back and what they ultimately want to accomplish. As part of this process, the life coach can use a “life balance wheel” assessment to help the client see all their different life areas from a different perspective and get a better idea of which ones need the most work for better life balance.

The life coach can help the client develop a clear vision for his or her life, as well as a vision for one or more specific life areas.

The focus then shifts to setting specific goals in a few key areas that will make the most difference in the client’s life. These can include long-term as well as short-term goals.

After setting clear, compelling goals, the focus shifts to developing strategies or action plans to help the client implement those goals. This typically includes breaking up goals into smaller goals, projects and specific action steps to take.

Once the life coach has helped the client develop a clear action plan, the focus shift toward execution and implementation: Setting up structures, systems and accountability to help the client implement their plans and perform at their best.

At every step of the process, the life coach can help the client overcome challenges, limiting beliefs or other blocks that may “show up” as the client continues making progress.

During implementation and execution, the life coach focuses on helping the client notice and continue progress, persisting through setbacks and obstacles and learning from feedback and experience.

This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to months depending on the goals and needs of the client. As the client achieves short-term goals, the life coach helps the client re-assess where they are now and what comes next.

Personal Life Coaching For Improved Health

Health and wellness are an important aspect of life and an area that life coaches often help clients work on and improve. This can include general wellness coaching, nutrition coaching, fitness coaching, and weight loss coaching. A life coach can help with the general wellness and health improvement, while specialized coaches often help with the more specific needs.

Personal Life Coaching For Better Relationships

Relationships are another important life area that life coaches often work on with clients. While a life coach may tackle general relationship issues and practical skills like enhancing communications, clients will often seek the help of more specialized coaches for specific relationship needs like dating, romance, enhancing marriage or working on specific relationship needs.