Life Coaching Articles

Here you’ll find a quick recap of some of the most popular life coaching articles on this website. These life coaching articles are intended for three main audiences:

  • Resources for people who are looking for life coaching to help them improve their personal or professional lives, or get clear about what they want and set goals to get it
  • Resources for current life coaches who want to get more clients and grow their business
  • Resources for people who are interested in or want to become a life coach and are looking for a good way to get started

If that’s you, then you definitely came to the right place. This website is still fairly new, so it may take a bit to cover all three audiences, but we are writing new articles all the time to serve you better.

Here are some of the more popular articles so far:

  • Using visualization for life coaching – This article describes why visualization is such a powerful and useful technique in life coaching. Borrowed from sports psychology, visualization is very helpful for practicing new behaviors in a safe environment and for focusing on the things you want instead of the things you don’t want
  • Acting As If – The “Acting As If” technique is a way to build confidence and develop your skills. The idea is that by behaving in a way consistent with an emotion or feeling you want to have (confidence) you’ll create that feeling.
  • Common Mind Traps – Common mind traps to avoid while working with life coaching clients. These are important for both life coaches and their clients.
  • How To Stop Worry – Simple, practical techniques to help you and your life coaching clients overcome worry, which is a common barrier for many people that keeps them from going after the things they want.
  • How To Become A Better Listener – Listening is perhaps one of the most important skills that life coaches need to develop. But it’s a very valuable skill that everyone can use.

We’ll have more articles to add to this list soon.