Life Coaching Techniques

Managing Your Life

Most of us don’t think about the concept of “Managing Our Life”. While we may make some conscious, thoughtful decisions about some of the major events in our life; we tend to go through life on auto-pilot, in a reactive rather than a proactive mode of operation. We have many relationships in … [Read more...]

How To Find Happiness By Following 12 Simple Principles

Is your life everything you want it to be, or do you sometimes feel like there's something missing?  You may be like many people today who feel a vague sense of unhappiness, without really understanding why.  Maybe you can point to certain people or circumstances in your life that you wish would … [Read more...]

The Power Of Belief In Life Coaching

Beliefs are powerful and they really matter. One of the most interesting (and somewhat puzzling) demonstrations of the power of belief is the placebo effect. The word placebo (which means 'I will please' in Latin) originated in medicine from treatments that were given to "please" the patient … [Read more...]

Flexible Persistence Leads To Success

You parents probably told you as some point in your life that if at first you don’t succeed, try again and again until you succeed.  Even if you never heard this growing up, the basic idea – don’t give up when you encounter an obstacle – is something you probably understand very well.  Actually … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Tips for Finding Motivation

Floating on the edges of your consciousness, the task sits there, making faces at you, trying to get your attention.  Even though you try to ignore it, it finds ways to force itself into your attention.  You know you need to do it, but you just can't find the motivation to do it. Motivation is an … [Read more...]

Life Coaching To Make The Most Of What You Have

Most people go through life thinking, "Gee, my life would be perfect if only I had...", constantly wishing for something else that, if it magically appeared, would allow them to live out their greatest dreams.  The problem with this approach is that the "something" they think they need is never … [Read more...]

Attitude of Gratitude

Guest Post By CATHERINE VAN HERRIN Every holiday season, we're all reminded of how much we should be grateful for: It is a long-held tradition to gather near our loved ones during the long winter days and express our appreciation for all the material and spiritual gifts we possess. We hear … [Read more...]

17 Life Coaching Tricks To Improve Focus & Concentration

Being able to concentrate is one of the keys to increasing your productivity. It doesn’t matter what you’re working on, whether it’s a report related to work or a hobby project out in your garage, if you can’t focus on the task at hand, it will either not get done or not get done … [Read more...]

5 More Life Coaching Tips To Stop Worry

Yesterday, I shared five simple strategies to stop worry. Here are 5 more life coaching tips to help you end unhealthy worry. 6. Take action Taking action is the best tool against worry because it shifts your focus away from worrisome thoughts toward positive and purposeful thoughts that … [Read more...]

5 Life Coaching Tips To Stop Worry

"Don't Worry, Be Happy" -- Bobby McFerrin The truth is we all worry. There are bills to pay, children to raise, deadlines to meet, and crises in many parts of the world. Some worrying can actually be helpful; it means we aren’t shirking our responsibilities and that we care what happens to … [Read more...]