Importance of Eating Healthy

Guest post People who are overweight or obese are more likely to develop heart disease and stroke, even if they have no other risk factors. Obesity is unhealthy because excess weight puts more strain on your heart. It can raise blood pressure and blood cholesterol and can lead to diabetes. The … [Read more...]

7 Golden Rules For Fitness

Guest post from Kate. Fitness to last forever: Golden rules to follow Research points out that fit people, following healthy fitness programs, have a better life-span. However, in this fast moving era, we get less time to spend on our fitness. This laziness sometimes results in serious health … [Read more...]

Frugal and Healthy Lifestyle – How to Shed Weight on a Tight Budget

This is a guest post by Kate Wilsson A healthy lifestyle living on tight budget often is not a priority. Foodstuffs having poor nutritional value are cheaper while membership in an expensive gym is not feasible. Yet this however does not mean that shedding the extra kilos on tight budget is not … [Read more...]

Top 4 Gadgets To Help You Lose Weight

This is a guest post by Kate Wilson Throughout history, men and women have had a fair struggle getting unwanted weight off and keeping it off. The last couple of decades with their rapid advances in science and technology has changed all of that. Losing weight has never been easier or this much … [Read more...]

7 More Reasons To Laugh Everyday

In the last article, I talked about the benefits of laughter for health and stress relief, both of which are valuable aspects of life coaching... so with that in mind, here are 7 more reasons to laugh everyday. 11. Increasing your happiness - You can train your body to be faster or stronger, or … [Read more...]

10 Great Reasons To Add More Laughter To Your Day

"The person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed." - Bennett Cerf Stress and anxiety are more and more common both at work and at home... and a frequent concern for many life coaching clients. Many people have accidentally discovered that simple practices, like … [Read more...]

Attitude of Gratitude

Guest Post By CATHERINE VAN HERRIN Every holiday season, we're all reminded of how much we should be grateful for: It is a long-held tradition to gather near our loved ones during the long winter days and express our appreciation for all the material and spiritual gifts we possess. We hear … [Read more...]

15 Health & Fitness Myths

Guest post by John Fike An important aspect of effective life coaching is helping clients separate fact from fiction. Here are 15 all too common health & fitness myths that affect your health, could cause injury or may even kill you. 1. You can’t exercise too much Actually, it’s called … [Read more...]