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Life coaching focuses on helping clients figure out what specific outcomes they want to achieve, setting clear goals based on them, creating a plan for achieving them and then creating structure and accountability to support them in the process.

Life coaching tends to focus on solving a specific challenge or problem that the client is facing, or working toward a specific goal or outcome that the client wants to achieve.

History Of Life Coaching

Life coaching is really a combination of different disciplines: the idea of “coaching” in a sports sense, where the coach is responsible for setting goals, developing a compelling vision, motivating players, getting them to perform at their best, and holding them accountable. The 2nd aspect is that of consulting or mentoring, where the coach serves more as an advisor who listens to what the client is going through, provides feedback and different perspectives, and may offer suggestions or strategies for moving forward.

When you combine those different perspectives and take the best and most valuable parts of each, you end up with coaching.

The evolution of life coaching has been enhanced by many different fields including psychology, self-help, personal development, sports psychology, training, management & consulting.